Who do you help?

LoveLine was started to empower pregnant women, single moms, and families. We are here to provide support to those who feel hopeless and out of options. We are here to say YES when the world says NO.

Where are you located?

LoveLine is a project under ProLove Ministries, a Texas-based nonprofit. Our Chief Financial Officer is in Missouri, so donations are sent to our PO Box in Jefferson City. Our staff works remotely, and they live all over the country from Washington to California to Texas and North Carolina.

Can I get help from you if I don’t live in Texas or Missouri?

Yes! We assist people in all 50 states. Most of our work is done remotely and virtually through text, phone calls, and video calls.

How can you help me?

Our help is based on your needs. We individualize our care, so we will ask you – what do you need? This is how we determine how we can help you. We provide comprehensive case management to pregnant women, single moms, and families with multiple complex needs. Some examples of help we have provided assistance for others includes needs based limited financial assistance to pay bills, financial coaching to change habits and reach goals, therapy with a licensed counselor, scholarships, and more. We want to be efficient and provide help and support that cannot be found anywhere else.  If you have not accessed help that is available to you in your own community, then we will offer to connect you with agencies and organizations that can provide what you need and treat you with dignity. We will expect you to follow through and access this help. You will be asked to report back on the response from these agencies.  

How do I apply to get help from LoveLine?

Our help starts with a conversation. Text our hotline 888-550-1588 to initiate a conversation with our intake manager. She will ask a few basic questions (name, age, are you pregnant, do you have other children, where are you, how can we help). Once our intake manager determines if our services are compatible with your needs, she will schedule a phone call for intake with you.

What are the requirements to get help?

We need a picture ID, address, phone number, and if you’re pregnant, we need a current ultrasound with your name and dates. If you have financial or material needs, you will be asked to send some supporting documents to us. These documents may include but are not limited to an ID for all adults living in the home, lease, pay stubs, proof of all income, bank statements with transaction history, ultrasound with name and dates, proof of application/approval/denial for all public assistance, and login/passwords for bills. The sooner you send the supporting documents requested, the quicker we can help.

You will need to have video chat capability.

You will need to be accountable to your case manager – answer calls, texts, emails and be honest!

I know someone who needs help. If I give you her number or email, can you reach out to her?

If you know someone who needs our services, please give them our hotline number 888-550-1588 and have them reach out. We do not solicit clients. It is very important that she asks for the help if she wants it.

How does your help differ from a pregnancy center?

We provide comprehensive case management and we offer limited financial assistance to pay bills. Many pregnancy centers (not all of them) refer to other organizations (including ours) to get rent paid, utilities paid, therapy, etc. Often, the client must go to several agencies to get these needs met. We can supplement what pregnancy centers do and work alongside them to ensure their clients and staff are served and not over-taxed or overwhelmed trying to “work the system”. We refer pregnant women to a local pregnancy center if she has not accessed these services yet. 

Does LoveLine help with housing?

Yes, we do. We assist women in finding safe housing by vetting agencies, organizations, and transitional living homes to ensure the placement is compatible with her needs. We can also assist with unique housing options such as maternity homes on a case-by-case basis.

How do you help financially – will you give me money or CashApp me?

We pay bills directly. Typically, we do not send cash to clients. Our financial assistance is based on the needs assessment that is done by a case manager. We also work to be good stewards. Stewardship is an important ethical practice of our ministry. So, if you need financial assistance, we will ask a lot of questions about your finances. Just so you understand – our services are for women with multiple complex needs. Our questions to you may seem invasive. Our program includes high accountability and rigorous honesty. It is up to you whether you want to commit to allowing this process or not. If you need financial assistance, we will ask you to complete a financial assessment, commit to participating in financial coaching and change your spending habits through coaching. We will require that you submit a transaction history on all your spending accounts (bank and mobile pay apps).  

Do you help single dads with childcare expenses and other stuff?

On occasion, we have helped single fathers

Can LoveLine help me get out of this abusive situation?

Yes, we can. With your cooperation and permission, we can assist you.

Where do you get your money to help all these people?

We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization and we receive our funding from individual citizens who want to help women with complex needs. We do not receive any government money.

Can I come work for you?

We are not currently hiring any staff members. We do have some volunteer opportunities to assist with case management.

Do you have to be a Christian to get help from LoveLine?

No, you do not.

We want to adopt a baby and we are home study approved. Can you help by connecting us with a mom who wants to place her baby for adoption?

No. We are not adoption professionals. If one of our moms expresses that she wants to place her child for adoption, immediately we connect her with an adoption agency that will serve and represent her well. Our premier resource is Abiding Love Adoptions.

Can you post my ______________ (registry, GoFundMe, fundraiser, etc.)?

No. If you need help filling a baby registry or need financial assistance, contact our hotline to go through our process.

I live in ___________ country. Can you help me?

No. We are only able to provide services in the United States.