My name is Megan and I am 27 years old and a single mother of four beautiful children. Nevaeh 7, Brayden 6, Layson 1 and Asher 2 weeks old. Being a single mother is a struggle especially when you do not get any support financially and physically, it can be stressful at times because I do not have any help from my children’s father, but I would not trade them for anything! My children are blessings to me and they motivate me each and every day to continue my self-growth as their mother also furthering my education and working full-time so that I am able to provide an abundant life for them and set a foundation for them. December 27, 2019 I gave birth to Asher via cesarean section. I have been on maternity leave since then and by the first of January my rent, water bill, power bill and WiFi was due. I was very stressed out and worried myself each moment of the day wondering how in the world was I going to come up the money to pay my bills so that me and my children don’t lose our house. I went to my local churches and resources seeking financial help for my bills and I did not have any luck. I prayed and asked the Lord to please send me and my children a blessing to help us with our needs. I decided to reach out on a Facebook group called Angel’s Helping Hand where a lady referred me to call the Loveline. That day I left a message regarding my situation and as soon as I ended the call I received a text message from the director asking me for a few things that she could look over and then she gave me a call. We talked for about an hour regarding everything that has been going on and my current situation and she assured me that Prolove ministries could help me and my children. Prolove ministries blessed my family beyond measure! I am so thankful for Prolove ministries helping me and my children

during this tough time, literally going above and beyond in helping us!! The director checks in on me and my children twice a week. I cannot express enough of the gratefulness I have for the blessing and possibilities they have made for me and my children! Because of Prolove ministries I am now able to take a deep breath and enjoy spending time with my children while I am taking my maternity leave. Thank you Prolove ministries, staff, and donors because of you, you made the impossible happen for my family!

God Bless!!

-Megan Stinson