Charity: We have a moral obligation to treat others well by offering love, mercy, and kindness to benefit them. This is an active contribution toward the welfare and dignity of our clients. We are dedicated to seeing the client as a whole person.

Nonmaleficence: We will respond with the care that does no harm, even if the client requests a remedy that is harmful. We do not promote, refer for, or provide abortions.

Efficiency: We want to provide help and support that cannot be found elsewhere. We will seek to connect each client with resources in her community who can provide the services that she needs and treat her with dignity. If these resources do not exist, then we meet her needs.

Justice: We believe that each individual human being should be treated with dignity and without discrimination. The rights of each individual human being include life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, in that order. We are committed to understanding the true needs of the community that we serve – those needs that cause a woman to be a victim of coerced decision-making – taking care to invest our resources in the places where our efforts can have the most impact to reach and effectively serve women at risk of abortion and other forms of violence.

Honesty: We will not withhold the truth from her. We inform. She decides. We can persuade her, but not coerce her. If we are honest with each other, then we can trust each other.

Integrity: Each team member is dedicated to virtuous personal character, to understanding and practicing wisdom, empathy, temperance, courage, and justice both privately and professionally. Team members will maintain integrity to personal convictions in the face of increased government regulation and societal persecution.

Stewardship: We are owners of nothing and stewards of everything. We commit to responsible planning and management of resources. These resources include the gifts and talents we have and the opportunities that we are given. We don’t manufacture anything; we distribute what Christ has produced in us. Stewardship shapes our motives and influences our decisions. Work is what we do, but stewardship is how we do it.

Fortitude: We overcome obstacles and don’t accept defeat.

Encouragement: We seek to put courage into our clients.

Humility: We commit to consistently pursuing how we can serve better, following the example of Jesus Christ. We commit to placing service above self-interest.