Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us. Our ministry is virtual – so you can serve on your time, from your home. Your commitment level is up to you – all we ask is that you communicate your boundaries clearly. 

Please read through the description of opportunities and the following form. It will help me determine what sort of training you will need or if you can jump right in. Incomplete applications will not be processed. Here are the descriptions:

Intake: After screening on the hotline, a client schedules an intake with an intake specialist. This person has the initial meeting with a new client over a phone call. The intake specialist uses this time to gather demographic information about the client, listen to her story, establish trust, and build a relationship. We have an intake form as a guide. This first interaction is helpful to determine if a client would benefit from the services our organization offers and if you detect a willingness to participate in case management. 


  • Communicate ethics and expectations to the client in advance, informing her of what to expect from us and what is expected of her (we have a script 🙂). 
  • Organized and keep a calendar for scheduling the appointments with potential clients. 
  • The intake specialist is an important representative of Loveline and this interaction sets the tone for our relationship.
  • Great communication skills
  • Tech savvy (texting app)

Case Manager – a case manager has direct client contact (virtually – phone, text, zoom, facetime). She represents the ministry to the client and is the point of contact for the client’s needs. Expectations of case managers include:

  • high accountability
    • very responsive to emails, texts, and Facebook group notifications
    • attend bi-monthly meetings (12:30 PM CST every other Wednesday)
  • uphold the ethics of our organization 
  • assimilate to our culture (anti-abortion with NO exceptions, Christ centered, hope dealers, unified team)
  • stay generally abreast of public policy as it relates to the culture of the organization
  • willing to enhance skills to better serve our client population
  • data entry/computer skills (customized software)
  • seek supervision, consultation, and continuing professional development to ensure she has both the requisite knowledge of service delivery systems and the skills to serve all clients effectively
  • seek and maintain knowledge essential to case management for our clients to include but not limited to
    • human development (fertilization through birth)
    • signs of trauma, abuse, neglect, and exploitation
    • addictive behaviors and patterns; programs and systems related to our client population
    • policies, eligibility requirements, financial and legal concerns affecting our client population
  • maintain appropriate boundaries


Battle Buddy – A battle buddy supports a case manager by vetting resources and pregnancy centers found from a soft search using our template as well as doing a hard search for hidden resources when necessary. Expectations of a battle buddy include:
high accountability

  • very responsive to emails, texts, and FB group notifications
  • attend occasional meetings via Zoom
  • uphold the ethics of our organization
  • assimilate to our culture (anti-abortion with NO exceptions, unified team)
  • seek and maintain knowledge essential to matching appropriate resources to needs
  • policies, eligibility requirements, financial, and legal concerns affecting our client population (immigrants, active CPS cases, felons)
  • good communication skills and phone etiquette
  • resourceful