We received an email from a woman in California. She was recently separated from her husband who has a substance abuse problem. She has 4 children with him and after the separation, found out she was pregnant with twins!

Not long after this she lost her job as a general manager of a restaurant. She found herself hopeless. She was desperately struggling with the needs of rent assistance, utilities paid, and food in her pantry. She applied for all of the public assistance that she could but had not heard back yet. She just needed a hand up. I called her and we talked for about 45 minutes.

I listened as she shared with me how she goes to a small church and she was a bit ashamed to go in and ask for help since she was getting a divorce. She had done her due diligence to obtain help but she was still short. We called several organizations in her area and found rent and utility assistance and even found another public assistance program that she had not applied for!

We raised money to pay one month’s rent and she applied for the assistance so she will be covered until the programs kick in. She was overjoyed and said that she has hope again and believes that she is going to make it.

We believe it too, because when you love first, REAL ABUNDANT LIFE follows!